A Very Special Visit with a Group of Wonderful Young Afghans

A Very Special Visit with a Group of Wonderful Young Afghans

On January 14, 2012, The Honorable Bijan R. Kian and his wife, Gissou Kian, hosted a small intimate family event to welcome a group of wonderful Afghan children at their home. Haleh, Lida, Iradj, Bibi, Shokofeh, and Mohsen each shared their life ambitions with Dr. Delara Tavakoli, Mr. & Mrs. Noshiravani, Mr. Mehran Etemad, Mr. Robert Babayi, and Mr. & Mrs. Saleh who have all been strong supporters of Nowruz Commission. A soccer ball was marked with the name of all participants to signify the bonds of friendship between our bright young guests and Nowruz Commission. Their teacher, Ian, shared wonderful stories about these young brilliant Afghan’s zest for life and hunger for education. Nowruz Commission thanks Charity Help International and AFCECO (Afhan Child Education and Care Organization) for making this warm and personal visit possible.










Nowruz Commission’s Afghan youth feeling at home. Sunny, the little Pomeranian is held by Shokoufeh Bibi who wants to be a lawyer. She will be communicating with Robert Babayi, NC, board member and General Counsel who is already a lawyer. “It is good to have a lawyer for a friend”, Shokoufeh says.

















Haleh, the future doctor, Mohsen the future actor, Iraj the future surgeon, and Maria the future engineer hold a soccer ball signed by NC’s board members to take back to Kabul as a sign of friendship and also a symbol of victory for the Mihan Football team. “Undefeated after sixteen games!”, Haleh said with a big smile.
















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