Nowruz Commission Spring Mission

Nowruz Commission Spring Mission

Recognized by members of The Congress of United States and The White House, Nowruz Commission confers the title of Nowruz Commission Ambassador on distinguished leaders from the Nowruz Communities in all nations to authorize and empower them in propagating the universal spirit of Nowruz.

From March 6 to March 11, 2012 members of a Nowruz Commission delegation traveled abroad to install Nowruz Commission Country Ambassadors in the UK, Italy, Turkey, Georgia and Tajikistan. The official delegation consisted of: Mr. Nasser J. Kazeminy, Chairman of the Board, The Honorable Bijan R. Kian, Vice Chairman of the Board and Treasurer, Mrs. Gissou R. Kian, President and CEO, Member of the Board, Mrs. Anousheh Ansari, Member of the Board, and Ms. Christine Rafiekian, Executive Director. The entire cost of this mission was under-written personally by Chairman Nasser J. Kazeminy.

A formal ceremony was held to install each Nowruz Commission Country Ambassador, and each individual received a Congressionally Issued Certificate recognizing him/her as a Nowruz Commission Country Ambassador. Additionally, each Ambassador received his/her Nowruz Commission credentials, and a lapel rosette signifying the colors of the Nowruz Commission and their office. Nowruz Commission Country Ambassadors are empowered by the Commission to promote the philosophy of care and compassion, peace and friendship in their countries. They are charged with the responsibility of expanding the recognition of Nowruz as an ancient tradition all over the world.

Lady Homayoun Renwick is the Chair of the Iranian Gathering Organization and the Founder of numerous organizations dedicated to promoting social, political and cultural activities. She is a fundraiser and advisor for a range of charitable and political causes including Soham for Kids.

Her installation ceremony was held on March 6, 2012 at her home in London, and attended by British academics, former government officials, and cultural activists.

His Excellency Hakki Akil is the current Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from the Republic of Turkey to the Italian Republic.

He has previously served as the Turkish Ambassador to Turkmenistan and the Turkish Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

His installation ceremony was held on March 7, 2012 at the Turkish Embassy in Rome, and attended by diplomats and representatives from many other Central Asian countries, in addition to members of Italian Parliament and Italian academics and cultural representatives.

Mr. Ahmet Çalik is the Chairman of the Çalik Holding and one of the most successful businessmen in Turkey.

His installation ceremony was held on March 8, 2012 at the Çiragan Palace Hotel in Istanbul, and attended by the Kazakh Ambassador to Turkey, the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs, and a representative from the Office of the Mayor of Istanbul.

His Excellency Hakki Akil traveled from Rome to Istanbul to attend Mr. Çalik’s installation ceremony, and Mr. Ekim Alptekin, Nowruz Commission’s Board Member from Turkey, also attended.

His Excellency Batu Kutelia is the former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from the Republic of Georgia to the United States, and the current Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia.

His installation ceremony was held on March 9, 2012 in Tbilisi, and attended by Nowruz Commission Board Member, His Excellency David Kezerashvili, and Advisory Council Member His Excellency Vasil Sikharulidze.

Representatives of the Nowruz Commission from Azerbaijan, including Board Member, Mr. Jahangir Hajiyev, and Nowruz Commission Country Ambassador, Mr. Reza Vaziri, traveled to Tbilisi to join the delegation.

Mr. Tahir Goozal represented Advisory Council Member from Azerbaijan, Mr. Abdulbari Goozal.

Mr. Hasan Asadullozoda is the Chairman of Orien Bank and one of the most influential businessmen in Tajikistan.

His installation ceremony was held on Sunday, March 11 at the offices of Orien Bank in Dushanbe, and attended by Mr. Sherali Kabirov, Nowruz Commission Advisory Council Member.

His Excellency Abdujabbor Shirinov, Head of Tajikistan’s National Bank and former Tajik Ambassador to the US, was also recognized for his role in the Nowruz Commission and presented with the title of Honorary Nowruz Guardian.

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