The Nowruz Commission is comprised of a group of countries and communities whose populations celebrate the exact moment of the Vernal Equinox, the arrival of spring, as New Year.

**NEW NC flag collage** (12-2014)

19 countries and communities are currently represented in one or more of the following forms:

1. Participation by a diplomatic mission in the United States

2. Representation from a country/community to the Nowruz Commission Board of Directors and/or Advisory Council

In addition to representatives from the countries/communities listed above, Canada and The Iranian-American Community are also represented on the Nowruz Commission Board of Directors.

3. Representation by Nowruz Commission in countries abroad

The Commission is represented by our Country Ambassadors in The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, The Republic of Azerbaijan, Canada, The French Republic, The Republic of Georgia, The Italian RepublicThe United Kingdom, The Republic of Tajikistan, and The Republic of Turkey.